Sunday, October 30, 2011

#26 Myopia

You ever hear two people who wear eyeglasses compete for who's more "seriously blind"? It's like because nature burdens you with some kind of a genetic deficiency you have to reclaim it and own it or whatever; wear your blindness like a badge and declaim for all the world how comparatively blind you are.

And god forbid, you're blind-dueling with some kind of next-level Poindextrose 20/1000 freak and all of sudden you feel completely humiliated, b/c this stupid deficiency you hang your identity on is all of sudden not such a big deal anymore and now, who are you? Who the heck are you? You're no one, just some vaguely near-sighted naif with no job and an irrational attachment to your own weaknesses.

Here's a thought. Instead of reclaiming our weaknesses, let's all play to our strengths. The fact is, yeah, it sucks, you have to wear glasses, but that doesn't mean you have be the blindest boy on the block. Focus on what you're truly good at, like throwing knives or using a lathe or putting away groceries or banging pots and pans together or crossing in the middle of the street no matter the flow of traffic or playing free cell or Ponzi-scheming or strawberry-rhubarb pie. And the next time someone asks you what your prescription is tell them the truth.

It's Klonopin.